Brake Caliper Carrier 1J0615125A 4B0615125A 8L0615125 8N0615125 BSH0194 for Audi VW Seat Skoda

Brake Caliper Bracket OEM NO. :1J0615125A 4B0615125A 8L0615125 8N0615125

TRW NO. :BSH0194


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Compatible Applications

Audi A3 2001/10-2003/05 8L1 S3 quattro
Audi A3 1999/03-2002/04 8L1 S3 quattro
Audi A6 1997/05-2005/01 4B, C5
Audi A6 2000/07-2005/01 4B, C5
Audi A6 1998/01-2000/04 4B2, C5
Audi A6 Avant 1998/02-2005/01 4B5
Audi TT 1998/10-2006/06 8N3
Audi TT Roadster 1999/10-2006/06 8N9
Seat Ibiza III 2004/01-2008/02 6L1
Seat Ibiza IV 2009/07-2015/12 6J5
Seat Ibiza IV Sportcoupe 2009/05-2015/12 6J1
Seat Ibiza IV Sportcoupe 2008/07-2011/05 6J1, 6P5
Seat Leon 1999/11-2006/06 1M1
Seat Toledo II 1998/10-2004/07 1M2
Skoda Superb I 2001/12-2008/03 3U4
VW Bora 1998/03-2005/05 1J2
VW Bora Variant 1999/05-2005/05 1J6
VW Golf IV 1997/08-2005/06 1J1
VW Golf IV Variant 1999/05-2006/06 1J5
VW New Beetle 2000/10-2010/09 1C1, 9C1
VW Passat 1996/10-2000/11 3B2


Brake Caliper Bracket

The brake caliper bracket mounts the brake caliper and helps to keep the brake pads aligned. The caliper pins that keep the caliper moving freely also slide through the caliper bracket and are usually protected by a rubber boot. If the rubber boot fails, the guide pins may corrode and have trouble moving freely. If you notice resistance changes in your brake pedal or uneven brake pad wear, it may be due to a stuck caliper pin and the brake caliper bracket and pins should be checked for corrosion. If you need to replace your caliper bracket, guide pins, or simply need a new set of brake pads, BIT Auto Parts carries all the parts you need for a complete repair.


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